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Automated Review Prompt
30 Oct 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login Why not follow up your guests's stay with an automated follow up email thanking them for their business and prompting them to submit a review with a link to your website reviews page and/or a review site such as Trip Advisor.     Self help instructions are ... read more


Congrats Cobden Gardens
29 Sep 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login Congratulations to Cobden Gardens on winning the Accommodation Award in Hawke's Bay Tourism Awards this month. Copy of announcement below: The entry process was rigorous and included entrants completing a comprehensive questionnaire and presenting their business plan. Entries were then judged by an independent panel made up ... read more


Client Side Website Protection Update
24 Sep 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login We have recently been experiencing intermittent '500' errors on random websites which has been tracked to our current client side protection software - iThemes Security Pro. The errors have been randomly occurring when the .htaccess file is updated with black list entries, as happens frequently . We ... read more


Seekom Experienced Minders
17 Sep 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login When was the last time you had a stress free holiday, not worrying about what was happening back at home? When you are a small to medium sized accommodation business, one of the greatest challenges is finding relief managers who understand your business and more importantly your ... read more


Upsell Extras w/o Accommodation
19 Aug 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login Are you a booking agent for local attractions? Do you sell merchandise? If so, wouldn't be great to increase your online sales of these items independent of accommodation bookings. Well - now you can. Vist to see an example. Contact Seekom Support at to find out more and / ... read more