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iBex Vault: PCI DSS Certified
26 Feb 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login Seekom is pleased to announce the release of iBex Vault - a PCI DSS certified application providing functions for the capture, storage and management of credit card data. iBex Vault was certified as PCI Compliant by Visa on 19 January 2015 with registration number 10074849. We will roll ... read more


Email NZ Govt Stats
10 Feb 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login Statistics New Zealand require a monthly survey to be completed and submitted by NZ based accommodation operators. iBex reports include a form which has been approved and authorized by Statistics NZ which automatically collates the required monthly data from your property. This report can now  be transmitted to ... read more


New Booking Screens Live!
3 Feb 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login We are delighted to announce that the new front booking screens (single property version) are now live and available. To view an example website using the front booking screens, please click here.  These new screens have a significant number of new features including: Shopping cart allows multiple ... read more


GHOST Security Hole
28 Jan 2015
[posttitle] iBex Login You may have read in the media of a new security vulnerability (GHOST) having been discovered which impacts linux based servers. All Seekom servers (iBex and website hosting) are having an urgent patch applied. Click here for more details on the nature of the vulnerability. Recent News ... read more


Introducing Bryson
[posttitle] iBex Login Many of you may know Clare from our iBex Support Team is currently on maternity leave. Clare and Gareth dropped by to introduce us to Bryson who arrived on 9th January. We thought we'd share a few photos with you. click images below to zoom Recent News ... read more