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Caching Explained
22 Feb 2017
[posttitle] iBex Login You may often hear us mention caching when you ask us why a web page loads slower the first time but much faster on subsequent visits, or you have made a change that has not displayed to your web page and perhaps that leaves you scratching your head. ... read more


21 Feb 2017
[posttitle] iBex Login We have had a great response to our proposed roadshows however logistically we cannot travel everywhere and in some locations there are very small numbers showing interest. However, that doesn't mean you will miss out if we are not coming to your location as we have decided ... read more


Introducing Adrian
20 Feb 2017
[posttitle] iBex Login Due to our exapnding customer base we have added to our Seekom team. We welcome Adrian Roux who has today joined our iBex Support and Sales team. He has very relevant experience having hotel front desk experience and having also worked for a competitor (their loss - ... read more


SEO & Reviews
8 Feb 2017
[posttitle] iBex Login Online reviews play an important part of your SEO however avoid the temptation to post your own reviews - ie. honesty is paramount. This article provides some commonsense tips including how to respond to reviews - good and bad. Click here to view the article. Recent News ... read more


Seekom Website Refresh
2 Feb 2017
[posttitle] iBex Login We decided it was time our website had a facelift. We also wanted to simply descriptions of our products and also update product features. Take a look a to see the changes. Recent News Links Share facebook google-plus linkedin twitter Recent News Contact Us Ph: +644 974 8008 ... read more