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Peer to Peer Recognition
24 Nov 2016
[posttitle] iBex Login We have just implemented a peer to peer recognition as we are aware much of the good work our staff does is hidden from management and their colleagues. Having evaluated a few we have settled on One of the categories our staff can receive nominations in ... read more


Post to Seekom Disrupted
18 Nov 2016
[posttitle] iBex Login Our PO Box is located in The Readings Centre which was evacuated yesterday and can no longer be accessed. If you need to communicate with us in writing, email (or fax to 04 974 8009) is the best option. If you are remitting payment by cheque we ... read more


Normal Support Resumes
14 Nov 2016
[posttitle] iBex Login Our offices did experience flooding following the earthquake this morning. This has now been remedied and our Mayor has advised we may all return to the Wellington CBD tomorrow. While our office will be open tomorrow which will enable normal support access methods to resume it may be ... read more


Earthquake: Emergency Support
[posttitle] iBex Login A major earthquake event took place in New Zealand early this morning. Our servers, iBex systems and hosted websites are all operating and did not suffer any outage as a result of the quake. However, the Wellington Central Business District is closed and as a result we have ... read more


OTA Rate Parity Changes in NZ
29 Oct 2016
[posttitle] iBex Login Thanks to the intervention of the New Zealand Commerce Commisson Expedia and have softened their stance on the requirement that accommodation operators must offer them the lowest price and all their room stock. Click here to read the full article. Recent Newsletters Links Share facebook google-plus ... read more