We provide wholly cloud based systems on a leased software as a service model (SAAS).

Our online booking system range includes full property management, website booking screens, sales channel manager, and secure (PCI DSS certified) credit card storage and retrieval. We also provide self managed (CMS) websites. You can elect to take on all or part of any of our solutions.

A one month free trial is available on all our products – sign up for a test drive now.

Our iBex products are all fully cloud based (operated fully online – no software to install) and include:

  • Hotel management systems
  • Accommodation consolidator management systems
  • Secure website booking screens
  • Sales channel manager
  • Secure credit card management (PCI certified)
  • Hosted content managed websites

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Seekom is located in Wellington, New Zealand. 

We have a team of 17 staff including support and development.

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In UK and Europe we are represented by oneUP.

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In the Cloud

All our iBex products are totally cloud based. There is no software to install and you can access your systems from any internet connected device anywhere in the world 24/7.

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Established in 2002, we operate multiple servers across two data centres. We take the backup headache away from you. Our iBex Vault (credit card storage) is PCI certified and booking screens are secure.

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Highly Scalable

Our customers range in size of operation from single room B&Bs through to Holiday Parks exceeding 800 units and include a multitude of types (hotels, catteries, shuttle operators, government, etc). 

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Superior Support

Support is included free of charge 6 days per week  during business hours. Premium and 24/7 support plans are available.

Read our customer feedback below.

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We have over 1,000 clients worldwide. Here’s a selection of their feedback. 

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