Scheduled Outages: 3/4 Aug 2015

Scheduled Outages: 3/4 Aug 2015

  • 29 Jul 2015
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Planned Maintenance Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th August 2015 at 1:00pm (NZT)

We have needed to arrange a scheduled outage of iBex for some necessary maintenance to our database.

This will take place on Monday 3rd August at 1:00pm (NZT) and Tuesday 4th August at 1:00pm (NZT). The planned outage will last for up to 60 minutes although we expect to require significantly less than this. 

While the system is down the entire iBex system will be unavailable. This outage will affect updates to sales channels (including receiving new bookings), any CMS websites hosted by us, and access to the bookings system. 

We recommend having the Arrivals and Departures report sent to your email address to have a backup copy of who is arriving or departing at your property. Set up is quick and easy – click here for instructions.


Sales Channel Updates

During this time we will not be updating availability at your connected channels nor will we receive any bookings from them. In most cases we will collect channel bookings subsequent to the outage although there will be some bookings where this is not possible and you will receive email or fax notification about these from the channel. You will need to load these bookings manually into iBex (or your external property management system).

If you have any concerns about double bookings from channels during this period then you may wish to “stop sell” your busiest periods for the duration of the outage. If you are doing this, please ensure that you set your “stop sells” sufficiently in advance of the outage period to enable the updates to be received and processed by the channels before the outage starts.

Seekom Provided CMS Websites

Seekom provided CMS websites will not operate during the outage however if your CMS website uses the WordPress core (most do) you can switch your website to maintenance mode so that your websites visitors are not presented with error messages. In maintenance mode you can set alternative contact/booking options during the outage – such as phone and email.


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you and will do our best to keep the outage as short as possible.


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