Accommodation Enquiry Text Link (launch to popup window)


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The advantage of using your Seekom iBex enquiry link versus a simple contact form is that the enquiry will appear as a transaction in your booking system. Correspondance will be tracked in the enquiry record, you can securely transmit and receive credit card details and upgrade the enquiry into a booking.

Below are instructions to insert a single property enquiry text link and launch the enquiry screen in a popup window.

Click here to view an example popup up enquiry screen.

Required Files

Your web page in which you will insert text enquiry link.


Ensure the enquiry link has target set to open as a new window so that website visitor can easily return to the property’s website (as in sample link below).

Ensure you have been provided operator ID and property ID (to replace oliveg and 2289) as shown in the sample link below.

Sample Link


<a target="_blank" href="http://www.seekom.com/accommodation/Enquiry.php?op=oliveg&pid=2289">enquiries</a>