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Accommodation Booking Image Link (launch to iframe)

Below are instructions to insert a single property image booking link and launch the booking screen in an iframe (set to dynamically resize to booking screen height).

Click here to view an example of a booking screen set within an iframe.

Required Files

It is assumed all files are contained in same directory. If not, amend URLs to include directory location.

Step Action
1 Click here to download zip file containing SeekomMessageAgent.html, bookingcode.html and SeekomBookingLoad.js.Don’t have zip software? Visit CoffeeCup Software and download their Free Zip Wizard.
2 Upload SeekomMessageAgent.html and SeekomBookingLoad.js to your website, make a note of what folder you store them in.
3 Set image link in your file 1. Example Image Link (replace file1.html with your file name and image.pngwith the link to your image).

<a href="file1.html"><img src="image.png" alt="Book Now!" style="border:none" /></a>
4 Include the SeekomBookingLoad.js script on the page of your file 2 (ie. between <head> and </head> tags). Replace path/to/folderwith the actual folder the file can be found in (or none if the file is in your web root).

<script language="javascript" src="path/to/folder/SeekomBookingLoad.js"></script>
5 Using a text editor (not Microsoft Word or another word-processing program!) open the file bookingcode.html and copy/paste the contents to your body of file 2.Example of the code can be found below. We suggest a minimum width of 450px, but a standard width of 600-650px.

<!-- Begin Seekom Booking iFrame Code -->
<iframe id="bookingPage" name="" onload="SeekomFrame.SetHeight(this)" src="" width="100%" height="600px"
 scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" style="border: none; overflow-y: visible"></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
	var skOperatorID = 'oliveg'; // Your operator ID
	var skPropID = 2289; // Your property ID
	// The public URL pointing at your SeekomMessageAgent.html file
	var skMsgAgentURL = 'http://mywebsite.com/foldername/SeekomMessageAgent.html';
	// END EDITING (no need to edit any further)

<!-- End Seekom Booking iFrame Code -->
6 Replace the operator ID (line 4) and property ID (line 6) with the codes provided to you. (If you have not been provided with them, contact our support team).
7 Replace mywebsite.com with your website address (line 8), and make sure the full URL points to the location of your SeekomMessageAgent.html
8 Save the page and publish as normal.


If you need assistance installing this widget you are free to contact our support team. Please note, installation assistance may incur a standard development charge.