Channel Manager

Increase your revenue and control your different online platforms in one place with Seekom

A sales channel manager enables you to control availability and pricing to distribution channels/resellers on an automated basis from a single point.

Our iBex systems also provide you with the ability to set up your own agents and provide them with special rates and availability.

You can even provide your agents with a custom booking screen to place on their website and earn passive income from you.


Additional Channels

Connect to a number of pre defined sales channels or online travel agents (OTAs) including Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda etc.


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Its easy to switch

Our experienced support team takes care of you so you can focus

on your day to day. Switching to us is straight forward and seamless.

iBex Property Manager

Cloud Based Software to help you manage & grow your business, better.
With 6 day support, cloud based software, regular back ups and no capital outlay,
iBex's Property Management System is here to save the day.

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