Create a Hidden Extra

Hidden extras are not displayed in public booking screens. They are typically for items that would be added to a booking while the guest is resident, or for cancellation/no show fees.

Follow the instructions below to create a hidden extra.

It assumed you are logged in to Seekom iBex.
Applicable to Accommodation PMS plan only.




From left menu (full display) select Extras > New Extra


At field Category, select as required.

Note: If you wish to create a new category for this extra click here for instructions.


At field Name, enter  name for the extra.
4 At field Short Name, enter  required abbreviation to appear in your admin calendar screens.
5 At field Description enter text as required.

Note: This text will appear on booking receipt and invoice (if applicable).

6 At field Tax Code, select as required.
7 At field Charge select as required.

Note: If in doubt ‘Each’ will likely be the best option.

8 Check field Hidden.
9 Complete/set further optional fields as required.


Click Save button
11 Scroll down & click link Create New Rate Period (bottom right of screen)
12 At pop window in field New Valid To, check option for indefinite valid to date.
13 Enter value is to be charged enter in Rate 1 field.

Note: Even if amount is not known ahead of time ensure value in Rate 1 remains 0.00

14 Click Save button


Click Exit button