Development Update May 2015

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Reports Upgrade

A huge improvement is underway for the reports in iBex. We have started with the Occupancy & Revenue Report, which is currently in pilot and due to be released shortly.

The new V4 Occupancy & Revenue report includes:

  • Improved performance
  • New filters including individual companies and channels
  • The ability to choose multiple options for filters like properties and unit reporting groups
  • Saving previous filters and setting a default filter
  • Print support
  • New export options

We have also added graphs showing the breakdown of your occupancy and revenue down to individual months, weeks or days over your reported period.

occupancy & revenue report

Date Range Front Booking Screens

You will be pleased to read that we have enhanced the new front booking screens by adding an option to change the template design to a room list format, instead of the current calendar view. This is ideal for your guests if they generally book long-term, and want to select an arrival and departure date (without having to select/view all the dates in between).

Please click here  view an example of the date based front booking screens.

Screens can be customised with CSS coding, so please ensure your website developer helps you with modifying the screens design to match your website or request customisation by Seekom.

Exclusion of multiple units at a time

Excluding multiple units of same type is now easier with a new enhancement uploaded recently. You can now select all units listed under a unit type with a single click instead of ticking each unit one by one in Exclude/Include Unit box.

imply click on the name of Unit Type in Exclude/Include box to select all units listed under it for exclusion.

See example screenshot below.

This is very helpful in case only some units (typically a large number) need to be excluded leaving all other units in the account as it is.

To be able to use this feature, it is required to tick “Group Units by Unit Type” option under Calendar Screen Options. (See screenshot below).

Vault Express

This is now being rolled out to a few pilot users.

The major advantage of the Vault Express is that you can now charge the credit card provided by channels from within the booking rather than needing to log into the vault and manually retrieve the card details. Our pilot users are very happy with this.

Once the pilot is completed, you will be contacted for scheduled rollout to you.

Feedback below from a pilot user.

This a big improvement in processing, this will save us considerable time, plus the added benefit of no CC details in Seekom, security is now a Payment Express issue, brilliant!


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