Accommodation Vertical Date Selector (launch to iFrame)

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Below are instructions to insert a multi property vertical date selector booking widget and launch the booking screen in in an iframe (set to dynamically resize to booking screen height).

Click here to view a working demo.


Before You Begin

This widget will filter a certain date range on your booking page. You need to have already set up your multi-property booking page. The instructions can be followed over here.



It is assumed all files are contained in same directory. If not, amend URLs to include directory location.

There are further instructions within SeekomMultiCalendarVertical.html to edit the booking widget colours, fonts, labels, etc to match the look of your website.

You can add further conditions to the bookings URL such as region and location filters and an agent code. Contact Seekom Support if this is of interest to you.

Step Action
1 Click hereto download zip file containing the required files for this widget. 


Don’t have ┬ázip software? Click here to visit CoffeeCup Software and download their Free Zip Wizard.

2 Upload SeekomMessageAgent.html and SeekomMultiCalendarVertical.html to your website, make a note of which folder you store them in.
3 Edit the page you want to place the widget on, and place the following code.

<iframe src="SeekomMultiCalendarVertical.html" frameborder="0" style="height:102px;width:270px;"></iframe>
4 Edit SeekomMultiCalendarVertical.html and enter your operator ID on line 11 (replace “oliveg”).
5 On line 55 replace http://mywebsite.com/mybookingpage with the URL to your booking embed page (found in the requirements above).
6 Save and close the file. You should be able to load the page and see the vertical date selector. When you click the date selector, your booking page is launched and filtered according to the provided results.