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iBex Vault is a [tipso tip="What is PCI DSS and why comply?
The Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirement for the processing, storage and transmission of credit card information.
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (an independent body created by major credit card brands) administers and manages the requirements.
The credit card brands are responsible for ensuring their merchants comply with PCI DSS requirements. Failure to comply can result in the withdrawal of merchant facilities and/or significant fines.
Read more at pcisecuritystandards.org"]PCI DSS certified[/tipso] online application for the capture, storage and management of credit card data. iBex Vault cannot process credit card payments and is intended to supplement your payment gateway where you require to hold card details for a future charge as assurity.


Card Entry

Via your ecommerce application (as your provider for an interface) or manual entry.


Card Retrieval

Access is controlled by a unique login for each of your authorised staff and all access attempts are logged.



PCI DSS requires that CVV numbers are not stored with card details so these are separately emailed in case required to subsequently charge the card.


Multiple Cards

Multiple card can be stored in a sale or booking.


Storage Period

Per PCI DSS requirements card details are automatically deleted when no longer required. For bookings this is typically 60 days after availment.


Sales Channels

iBex Vault has interfaces to a number of sales channels who provide you with, but not retain, credit card details in case of a ‘no show’.


Cloud Based

iBex Vault is fully online so can be accessed on any trusted internet connected device.



No set up fees. No long term commitments. Low fees – base charge includes 100 transactions per month.


White Label

If you are an ecommerce provider talk us about or white labelled version of iBex Vault.


$10 (+tax if applicable) per month for first 100 transactions.

10c (+tax if applicable) for additional transactions.

iBex Vault is provided FREE with our other iBex products.

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