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What are the benefits and why you should use one with your accommodation business

What is a Property Management System?

Our property management system (PMS) is a web based, software application which is either for the operations of hospitality accommodations and commercial residential rental properties. Seekom caters to all accommodation providers, such as Hotels, Motels, Holiday Parks, Property Management Companies and everything in between.


Seekoms's Property Management System - iBex - provides a centralized web application to organize, schedule and perform the day-to-day functions and transactions involved in accommodation businesses.

What does a Property Management System do?

Seekom's property management system (PMS) provides many functions to accommodation providers & owners to manage their business effectively and efficiently.


Some of those functions are:


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What automation can a Property Management System help me with?

Seekoms property management system include automation of many common, often labour intensive tasks, including:


  • Bookings
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Housekeeping
  • Revenue Management
  • Upselling before check in
  • Email Confirmations
  • Channel Connections

How does Seekoms Property Management System work?

Our Property Management System (PMS) is a powerful marketing system that will help you get more bookings, and more value for your bookings. Our software is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere, at anytime and can operate our PMS from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world.


A Property Management System is made up of many moving parts, but our support team provide clear and concise training so you can manage each process and function with ease.


Once you've signed up for a free demo, we can provide you with a test account to have a play around, if you have an existing system with someone else we can transfer the data and future and past bookings across to our system. We set you up with all the channels you need such as Booking.com or Expedia.


Our pricing plans suit all types of accommodation providers, from Motels to Hotels, to Holiday Parks and Property Management Companies.

As well as a Property Management System, we also provide custom and templated website design for all businesses and Venue Management System.

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