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Welcome to the iBex Property Management System release notes. Here you will find all the monthly updates in chronological order. Scroll down to view past notes - the newest release will always be at the top.

2021 January | Release Notes

  • Reinforced Backend Security all Seekom staff members now required to log in to the database using 2 factor authentication. 


  • Fixed Linked Rate Fault linked rates on front booking screens were showing incorrectly


  • Fixed HotelCentric Fault iframe was not functioning correctly on the HotelCentric app


  • Multiple Updates to Seekom API 


  • Decommissioned Legacy Booking Screens for all accounts our V3 booking screens have now been switched off for 95% of accounts who had been using them


  • Removed Duplicate Links in V5 IBex Menu Account preferences and tax & bank account details

2020 | Release Notes

  • PHP Upgrade 5.3 to 7.4 This major upgrade will allow our developers to continue to enhance Seekom in the latest coding language. 


  • POS Kounta We now connect to a point of sale system which was requested by many of our properties with restaurants and bars. 


  • Search Booking Field in the Header Bar a popular feature added which allows users to quickly search and navigate to bookings without having to go into the Search Bookings page. 


  • Cross Property Linked Rates Rates can now be linked between different properties in Seekom multi-property accounts. 


  • AirBnB Messaging API Scheduled emails will now be delivered directly to the guest within the Airbnb extranet.


  • Enhancements to the Email Scheduler Held bookings can now be emailed 

separate from confirmed bookings based on scheduled email rules


  • VenueRes Runsheets VenueRes users are now able to print by a date range and hand out runsheets to their setup crew and caterers 


  • Repeat Guest Icon Added the repeat guest icon to easily identify customers who have stayed before


  • Deposit Summary New deposit summary added to the finance tab in bookings


  • Unit Owner Multiple enhancements to unit owner reconciliation and IRD approved status


  • Mark Bookings as Unread easy tool to use if you need to come back to a booking at a later date


  • Vault VGS Enhancement to safely store credit cards in the vault according to PCI compliance 


  • ADP Report a monthly report that provides monthly accommodation data to NZ Tourism Accommodation Data Programme


  • Tax Receipt Enhanced the tax receipt so it can now be customisable


  • Daily Occupancy Bar provides a snapshot of your daily occupancy percentage on the booking calendar


  • Booking.com Retrieving Guest Reviews You are now able to view all of your Booking.com guest reviews and reply to them within iBex

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