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Welcome to the iBex Property Management System release notes. Here you will find all the monthly updates in chronological order. Scroll down to view past notes - the newest release will always be at the top.

2021 May | Release Notes

  • Extras are now included in long term scheduled invoices. Invoices for regular clients (such as corporates) that get invoiced monthly will now include any Extras attached to bookings.


  • Added voucher/order reference number to Netroomz CRM connection. Voucher/Order Reference number will now be sent from the Notes Page of the booking to Netroomz.


  • Hide owner-cost extras from guest invoices Unit Owner Reconciliation extras will now be hidden from guest invoices. These could be extras such as owner commision.


  • Replace Property Brochure Map in Legacy Brochure Map course changed for property brochure and now pulls from address field in the manage map section of property details.


  • Adding Units to Split Date Arrival Booking Changes Arrival Date Arrival date will now change to the first day of arrival across multiple units for a split date/split unit booking.


  • Added more advanced Activity Logs for Seekom Staff Seekom staff now have greater access to detailed activity logs to help more accurately identify faults/human error.

2021 April | Release Notes

  • Added RevPar to Dashboard Advanced Added RevPar Pace Report to Dashboard Advanced (Scheduled for Release Seekom Conference 2021)


  • Auto Convert Net Value Bookings to Gross Value Bookings Channel bookings received with a net value will automatically be converted to gross for applicable sales channels.


  • Email Attachments Seekom users can now add attachments to scheduled emails. This is particularly useful when properties want to attach PDF’s with maps and check in instructions. More info available here.


  • ReviewPro API Enhancement Departed bookings are now sent to ReviewPro via the API


  • Added Booking Document Tag ‘Deposit Required’ Specified Deposit amounts can now be displayed on certain booking documents sent to guests.


  • Extend Expiry Date of API Refresh Token Api tokens can now be extended easily by Seekom staff, as opposed to generating new tokens manually.


  • Mandatory Comments on Unit Exclusions A minimum of one character must be entered in order to save a unit exclusion.


  • Data Encryption Clean Up Cleaned up data encryption in various parts of the system.

2021 March | Release Notes

  • API Enhancements added the ability to add or edit extras through the Seekom API. Added the ability change Room Service Status through Seekom API


  • Website Booking Screen Update customers can now choose to make full payment via the seekom front booking screen (using the Windcave payment gateway) or skip payment completely.


  • Booking Cancellation Timestamp booking cancellation now triggers an update to the last known timestamp in booking activity logs.


  • SMS Update SMS messages were missing country codes, this has now been updated


  • Copy Booking Button Copy booking functionality now copies customer notes over as well.


  • Average Daily Rate Pace Report added ADR graph to dashboard advanced. This lets users track their average daily rate at any given point in time compared to the same date last year. 

2021 February | Release Notes

  • Launched Version 5 Booking Source Report The booking source report has had a full redesign, including new graphs, more filters and a far more understandable presentation. We have also added the ability to save custom filter configurations for future use.


  • Percentage Based Promo Codes fixed an issue where percentage based extras for promo codes were not being added when a booking was made through the front booking screen.


  • Added Search Bookings Bar to V5 Mobile Our popular search booking bar has been added to the iBex mobile version.


  • Hostelworld API Upgrade added advanced functionality to the Hostelworld connection to recognise pre-paid bookings. Added functionality to take CC details.


  • Include Credit Card Fee in Credit Card Pay Links emails that are sent out with credit card pay links will now have the mandatory credit card fee included automatically.


  • Added Property Filter to Housekeeping Forecast Report multi-property accounts can now filter the housekeeping forecast by property. This is especially useful for our PMC clients.


  • Fixed Deposit Payment Options on Front Booking Screens fixed the option to pay booking deposit through the Windcave payment gateway when booking through our front booking screens.


  • Hotelbeds Interface Enhancement We now send the iBex booking confirmation number directly to Hotelbeds to use.


  • DPS Refund Enhancement DPS refunds can now be transferred from a cancelled invoice to an active invoice


  • Rounding Fix fixed an ongoing issue where percentage based extras were causing a rounding discrepancy. This was causing invoices and bookings to show as unpaid/outstanding when they had been in fact paid.


  • Unit Owner Reporting and Invoicing Enhancements including increasing reporting codes on unit owner summary reconcile on the invoice. Fixed issue where gross amounts were showing incorrectly on unit owner reconcile.

2021 January | Release Notes

  • Reinforced Backend Security all Seekom staff members now required to log in to the database using 2 factor authentication. 


  • Fixed Linked Rate Fault linked rates on front booking screens were showing incorrectly


  • Fixed HotelCentric Fault iframe was not functioning correctly on the HotelCentric app


  • Multiple Updates to Seekom API 


  • Decommissioned Legacy Booking Screens for all accounts our V3 booking screens have now been switched off for 95% of accounts who had been using them


  • Removed Duplicate Links in V5 IBex Menu Account preferences and tax & bank account details

2020 | Release Notes

  • PHP Upgrade 5.3 to 7.4 This major upgrade will allow our developers to continue to enhance Seekom in the latest coding language. 


  • POS Kounta We now connect to a point of sale system which was requested by many of our properties with restaurants and bars. 


  • Search Booking Field in the Header Bar a popular feature added which allows users to quickly search and navigate to bookings without having to go into the Search Bookings page. 


  • Cross Property Linked Rates Rates can now be linked between different properties in Seekom multi-property accounts. 


  • AirBnB Messaging API Scheduled emails will now be delivered directly to the guest within the Airbnb extranet.


  • Enhancements to the Email Scheduler Held bookings can now be emailed 

separate from confirmed bookings based on scheduled email rules


  • VenueRes Runsheets VenueRes users are now able to print by a date range and hand out runsheets to their setup crew and caterers 


  • Repeat Guest Icon Added the repeat guest icon to easily identify customers who have stayed before


  • Deposit Summary New deposit summary added to the finance tab in bookings


  • Unit Owner Multiple enhancements to unit owner reconciliation and IRD approved status


  • Mark Bookings as Unread easy tool to use if you need to come back to a booking at a later date


  • Vault VGS Enhancement to safely store credit cards in the vault according to PCI compliance 


  • ADP Report a monthly report that provides monthly accommodation data to NZ Tourism Accommodation Data Programme


  • Tax Receipt Enhanced the tax receipt so it can now be customisable


  • Daily Occupancy Bar provides a snapshot of your daily occupancy percentage on the booking calendar


  • Booking.com Retrieving Guest Reviews You are now able to view all of your Booking.com guest reviews and reply to them within iBex

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