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Be Aware of Fraudulent Email Scams

We have been advised that a scam email is currently in circulation.

This scam email has been addressed from service-noreply@seekom.com, which is an fraudulent email address. Inside the email is a link to the iBex login screen, which will actually redirect you to a different site, but with the same login screen image.

If you are clicking on a link to your iBex login, please check the URL in the address bar of your internet browser is correct: https://ibex.seekom.com/login


The URL will begin with https:// to show it is a secure link.

If you have received an email advising you to click on a link to iBex, which is directing you to a different site, DO NOT log into your iBex account through this site. Instead, delete the email immediately.

If you have recently received an email in relation to iBex and are unsure of any links, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance


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