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Welcome to the Seekom blog

Welcome to the Seekom Blog hub, where you can find the latest content updates from us to assist you in growing your revenue and managing our Property Management System (PMS) more effectively.


Seekom offers the Total Solution to accommodation providers, our products include the Property Management System, Integrated Channel Manager, Website Design, VenueRez (Our Venue Management System), Automated Revenue Management and so much more.


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What makes us Great

Seekom's Property Management System is the Total Solution. Our comprehensive, cloud based web app is scalable and effective for all types of accommodation providers.

Cloud Based

Property Management System

Our Property Management System required no software, no back ups, no worries. With 99.9% up time, you can count on Seekom to be ready for you when you need it

Booking Engine

Property Management System

Save time, let your guests check availability, and book their stay with instant confirmation. The Property Management System syncs in real time with our Websites

Revenue Management

Property Management System

Increase revenue by up to 15% through our real-time and automated revenue management system integration with our Property Management System

Channel Manager

Property Management System

Reach a bigger audience and grow your revenue through direct integration to over 20 channels, with more channels constantly being connected so you can scale

Guest Communication

Property Management System

Simplify how you talk to guests through automated emails and SMS at the touch of a button. All integral to our Property Management System

Website Management

Property Management System

Free websites where you only get charged on direct bookings through your website or web design at a fixed cost. Our property management system integrates with our Booking engine seamlessly

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