Single Tour Category Booking Text Link (launch to iframe)

Below are instructions to insert a single tour category text booking link and launch the booking screen in an iframe (set to dynamically resize to booking screen height).

Click here to view an example of a booking screen set within an iframe.

Required Files

SeekomMessageAgent.html (provided in download link below)
SeekomFrameSizer.js (provided in download link below)
Your web page in which you will insert text booking link (file 1)
Your web page in which you will insert an iframe to hold booking screen (file 2)



It is assumed all files are contained in same directory. If not, amend URLs to include directory location.

You can add further conditions to the URL such as an agent code. This is particulary helpful if you operate a number of websites and wish to make use of an agent code to identify which website a booking has come from. Contact Seekom Support if this is of interest to you.

Step Action
1 Click hereto download zip file containing SeekomMessageAgent.htm and SeekomFrameSizer.js. Place these files in same directory as your file 1 and file 2.Don’t have  zip software? Click here to visit CoffeeCup Software and download their Free Zip Wizard.
2 Set text link in your file 1.Example Link (replace file1.htm with your file name)

<a href="file1.htm">Book online</a>


3 Place below script in header of your file 2 (ie. between <head> and </head> tags. 

<script language="javascript" src="SeekomFrameSizer.js"></script>


4 Insert iframe code in body of your file 2..
Example iframe code below (min width 450px, recommended with 600-650px)


<iframe onload="SeekomFrame.SetHeight(this"
style="overflow-y: visible;" >


Ensure you have been provided operator ID and tour ID (to replace oliveg and 2289) as shown in the sample code above.

Replace abctours.com with your web address (and directory location of SeekomMessageAgent.html has been placed in a different directory than your file 2.