Vault Express

Fully PCI compliant card capture, storage and processing services
provided by Payment Express.

" The new interface between Seekom & Payment Express is seamless. It has made charging credit cards as easy as a click of a button. It takes us a fraction of the time to charge a card, it is totally secure and it is so much easier to now take payments over the phone. Thanks team Seekom, this is a great example of how well systems can work together to make our day to day work easier! "

- Andrea from Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels

How can Vault Express benefit you?

Facilities provided by Vault Express include:

Capturing and storage of credit card information
Charging of stored credit cards
Refunding of charges to stored cards
Operators can choose from any valid cards previously captured for the same customer and recharge the card on file.
No separate login required if logged into iBex. No need to change passwords every 90 days

After migrating to the new Vault, all your card data will be stored and managed by Payment Express and card data will no longer be directly available. The new Vault is included with all iBex Plans, at no additional monthly cost. Unlike most other Payment Gateway providers, there is no monthly fee and no transaction fee for recording card token. Existing full DPS account holders will continue to have all their existing facilities and will also have the new DPS Capture facilities described here. Their existing charging regime remains unchanged.




Monthly charge may apply to existing DPS customers with a full DPS account.


or $0.50 if card authentication required


Applies to DPS Auth, DPS Purchase and DPS Refund transactions only.

* charges exclusive of tax (where applicable)

How do I get started?

To use Vault Express you will require an eCommerce Merchant Services Facility with your bank. If you already have one, great, just tell us your eCommerce number and we will arrange the rest with Payment Express.
If you need to set one up then contact your bank’s Merchant Services team and they will provide you with an application form.


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