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One of our UK customers has reported receiving a phishing email - see copy of the email below.


The link is designed to go to a mock up of our login page so it is a quite sophisticated scam. A screen shot of our legitimate login page at ibex.seekom.com/login is shown below. 


Note the address commences with https:// showing the address has a valid security certificate.

Also, ibex.seekom.com immediately follows the https://

In the case of the bogus login (see example below) there is no https:// and the parent domain is auctiontecs.com. There may be further scams so other variations to auctiontecs.com may be circulating 


Please be vigilant and if you ever receive a suspicious email - particularly if it requires you to login to your system from a link - please contact us at Seekom and we can verify its legitimacy, or otherwise, for you.


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